Different plants for different time zones

I have been known in a few circles as the Champion Green Thumb, at least around the Uncasvillage area.

However, I surrender to the expert in house plants!

I knew most of the plants, what they wanted for food, how much water, how to fight off unwanted pest’s and how to plant them, also my vegetable garden always had plenty to share, for free, with passerby’s.

Not necessarily true while living in the tropics.

I had/have no idea what most of the native plants are and found out the hard way that one must fight off the little devils hiding underground, in the air and on the ground, before you plant!

The first year many of these little guys would be waiting outside the back door, knife and fork in claws, for me to show up with more plants and seeds (they call treats).

Once you do grow your corn, tomatoes, all climbing plants and just about any other vegetable plant or seeds, the tropics has these humming bird looking monster moths



normally in love with your 4’O clocks that party in your garden.


To make matters worse, we fell in love with Harriett,


our landlord, the green tree frogs


and lizards,


each are endangered species, running and hopping around the property, also our Landlords.

Plus Breanna, our House Lord!


So, no chemicals allowed


Lately I have been able to move plants, trees and the vegetable garden.

The plants and trees away from the garden and the garden closer to eye sight.

4’O clocks and trees along the fence and/or middle of the yard.


Morning Glories closer to the house windows.

However, the reason for this posting is, once any plant becomes a house plant and I do bring in many plants looking for special love.

I surrender to the expert in house plants.


Today the day before Thanksgiving, she has a Morning glory that I saved and gave to her sometime ago, not believing that it would live.

Is about to have babies?


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