Hurray, the town is finally working on the dip in the road on route # 44.


Guess they are running out of batteries.

Don’t get excited the job is not being done correctly,

it is just another patch job!

We were coming from breakfast on the way to shop on Rt#44

when we stopped in a work zone.

This is a follow up on

You just hit a dip!

As we, the old times of the area drove by today,

we would all put our windows down and fuss, chap and scream,


After passing by it was plain for all to see that it will be another foolish waste of our tax money.

There is a small lake on both sides of the road.

(this is Lake County)

So the road drops down then back up.


I am sure that while building the road they installed piping

between both water ways then built the road over it?

On the other hand.

“This is Florida you know”?

It should be plain for all to see, even to our engineers,

that piping may have collapsed or has some kind of a problem?

Unless someone find out,

Floridians will be paying for and driving over patch jobs forever?

Come to think about it, have you ever tried to drive into the post office on route # 42?

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