The dip is patched today?

Had to go to Pet Supermarket for babies Wellness Ocean Core dry dog food, the best for the best!


MexicanBreanna 009

Just in case you do not know the boss of the house?


Back to the dip.

Had to cross over the central Florida Dip, both ways to get to the store.

Believe it or not the company that did the job, did a good job, for now.

Remember, no place to pull over on that road for pictures.

On the way out I had the chance to drive by slow without being run over.

Looking down at the lakes (more like ponds) one can plainly see what I was trying to explain about the road.


When the road was being build they ran a water pipe between both ponds

(lakes if or when we get rainy weather again).

These pipes are made of metal coated with tar to help slow down rusting.


How long the pipes have been in the ground is anybody’s guess.

So it is only a matter of time before we are back patching or doing the job correctly for a change?


Even if the piping is cement, something is settling in that exact spot?

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