I see now why no one understands a Roundtable

Once again I had time during lunch to watch the George Stephanopoulos Powerhouse Roundtable on ABC News 11.00AM to 12.00PM

This week with George Stephanopoulos” airing on Sunday morning, December 8 2013


Unfortunately, my turn to cook so I missed most of the beginning of the program however, the end is more to the point of this posting, even though I know that the beginning was the best part.

First time I realized that it was called roundtable, I now know why it is called powerhouse.


one of many of his roundtables

The beginning showed the worlds love for a good man and an even better president as we already know.


The end made me once again think about religious roundtables and how they worked in schools (universities) and how they work on television in the media?

George, you must just love the guy, did the best that he could do with what he had to work with.

Remember lately no one can sit down with a Democrat and Republican strategist, along with any professor and keep the talk from sinking into mayhem.

This program was a little better then most however instead of anyone answering George on how to get this country on any track, let alone a track forward, each took their time interrupting others while they were trying to answer question.

This could not happen in a correctly run university roundtable, at least not the ones that I have been fortunate to sit in on.

Any school roundtable must start with a student club interested in inviting ‘professionals‘ to help the students to understand that profession, as in religion, all students are invited to join in.

Any roundtable must be run by the students for the students not for the public or those professional.

So, if after a question is asked (only by a student or teacher if students allowed) and the person asked to answer gets off track, any student will stand up, stop the talk and re-ask the question.

If the professional becomes political (round about answer without answering) the same question is asked over and over again until an answer is excepted by all of the students or the professional leaver the table.

George did not have the time or the authority to do this.

This was sad but true.


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