Why health insurance cost so much?

Insurance agents feeling left out of “Obamacare”


I feel for them!

Not really!


We need to start seeing the forest through the trees as my elders loved saying!

A major reason why health insurance in this country cost so much is, hospitals, doctor’s, attorneys, insurance companies, insurance agents, ambulance chasing lawyers

and the lobbyists for all of the above!

Hence the need for the Affordable Health Care Act!

Once this thing gets completely filled in from all of those glitches, even with absolutely no help from congress I might add, all of those people complaining

about not being able to charges as they wish, will be left out in the cold, while companies working with the Affordable Health Care Act will thrive and prosper

without empting customers pocketbooks!

Oh yes!

Politicians will then need to do the jobs we sent them to government to do instead of waiting for the highest paying lobbyist

(money in hand)

to tell them what they want them to do!

An Insurance agent is one of many brokers around the country finding frustration as they try to help customers navigate

the Affordable Care Act’s marketplaces while earning the commissions

they’ve long built their businesses around.

Therein lies the rub!

What they are use too charging?

Some insurers and insurance agents are calling on President Barack Obama’s administration to allow them to

bypass healthcare.gov and enroll consumers directly amid growing complaints about problems with

enrollment information generated from the website.

Isn’t this the reason good politicians, the ones throughout history, wanted this health care program in the first place?

So Insurance companies will not be able to go around the law and charge as they wish?

As we say in the navy,

“Fall in Line Mates”!


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