President Roosevelt was called, “Teddy Bear”

My friends, if you think that I am always a calm cool writer that never loses his temper, please bypass this posting?

What is the difference between Florida and say New Jersey?

Not much, Florida is a lot warmer, New Jersey has real dirt.

Both have far too many butchers of our wildlife and it is being done through lies from the people that we hire to help protect our wildlife!

The Division of Fish and Wildlife”!

By now I am sure you know why I have my love of the Black Bear?


Children’s story

Ever since President Roosevelt was called, “Teddy Bear,” black bears have always been popular in America.

One would have to guess that these dumbbells never got the word?

Of course if you are a useless poor excuse of a human being, blood thirsty selfish, killer of defenseless animals one would be real surprised if you can even read!

Who it the idiot that hires these things we are calling human?

This person or persons must be fired and take these slims with them!


Fish and Wildlife  has the Hitler mentality of line them up and just kill until you think that you got the right one?

We decided to follow the course of an abundance of caution and put the bear down,” said Nick Wiley, executive director of the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.

So now there is a bear cub without a mother or father because they also killed the male bear and they still have three traps out to kill more bears?

New Jersey,

“The bear hunt is organized by the Division of Fish and Wildlife under the guise of bear complaints,”

Only they cannot point out those that are complaining, we can all point out the bulge in their bank account!

I know nothing, just saying?

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