Guest Columnist Russ Sloan as a baseball player

Well don’t laugh because he is not all that good at being a columnist either!

He is after all only a guest on

page # C-2

the voices section!

Another miss quoting from Guest Columnist Russ Sloan

‘Let it be written. Let it be done’

All the years as a customer of this newspaper and I do enjoy reading the paper,

one still must wonder why it includes some of their guest columnists the likes of Mr. Sloan?

Today we are going to play a little baseball.

We have played this game a few time before so again.

Russ Sloan up to bat for team Daily newspaper (many newspapers).

Strike one, a foul ball.

Russ, if you are going to quote famous people you must at the very least get the quote right

after all the quote is from your favorite movie.

I quote you,

‘ In my life time I believe the movie I have enjoyed the most was Cecil B. DeMille’s epic film,

The Ten Commandments, shown in 1956.

Loaded with a star-studded cast, the two lead roles were played by

Charlton Heston, as Moses, and Yul Brynner who played Rameses, the Pharaoh of Egypt.

The correct quote from the then movie Pharaoh Rameses the second was

“So Let it be written, so let it be done’!

Strike #2

I also would have cast the role of Rameses as a President Obama type of Pharaoh.

Can you just imagine how much money his people would have saver and how many slaves would not had to starve and die

because Pharaoh Obama would have used mechanical equipment and built a town for the people

and not a city for this selfish Pharaoh Rameses?

Strike #3 and once again you are out!

Oh by the way our president has not cancelled a single insurance policy,

the big business insurance companies are cancelling policies,

you need to go back to school and learn correct business practices by companies wanting to make money off of the people!

Strike #4

While it is true that the new website for signing people to the affordable health Care Insurance has its problems,

the website was and still is the responsibility of private companies and not run by our president

so how can you dump the mess on a presidents shoulders?

Strike #5

Yes, it is costing a lot of money to fix, a cost that should be dumped onto the private company,

also think how much better this plan would have works if congress and loud mouth columnist helped instead of hindering the progress,

or are you saying that you enjoy living in a 3rd world country?

Strike #6

The newspaper sooner or later with find out that the only way to stop the insurance companies from cancelling those ABYSMAL policies

and to fine the companies for cancelling for no reason except that they know that the has better plans at a much better pricing!

How many more strikes are you allowed before you are traded to the miners?

So put that in your pipe and smoke it with whatever else you are smoking Mr. Guest!

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