Squirrel proof bird feeder take #3

Perfections of a Squirrel proof bird feeder

Don’t fret, if you are snow bound the birds are too?

In January I promised a picture of my masterpiece if it keeps squirrel‘s on their own feeders

well so far so good so I made a Threefer.

Squirrel proof bird feeder January 15, 2013


OK once again I agree that this might be a little stretch at being on a Native American blog however, it is nature.

Thank you to my visitor from East Lansing Michigan on 24 Nov, Sun, 21:14:58.

As you can see I am trying to catch up with my trackers after a few weeks of a losing battle with a flu bug.

Forget the old feeders

The double and triple in a row feeders worked for awhile but do not keep out no tail,


my squirrel that must have been in a battle in an earlier life and lost half a tail?

So, do not use the one from

New Feeder is up and open for feeding frenzy January 19, 2013


A squirrel will just jump from the window sill onto the bracket holding them however,

3 feeders

stacked seems to stump them as lone as the feeder opening is pointing away from the window, this makes it easier for the birds to feed also.


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