So it begins, AGAIN!

Water Management staff to recommend that Niagara be allowed to pump for 20 more years while draining our drinking water.

This time I found it hiding on page #A-4 in our newspaper.

And on a day old website, a day too late!

It is a fact!

The taxpaying public in Florida is going to let The St. Johns River Water Management staff stuff their pockets with Niagara money while we run out of water and they get to do this for another 20!


Until the water runs out whichever comes last!

Now I know why Duck Dynasty is a #1 MAGA show in Florida!

The people in Florida have this attitude of

” I do not care what you do to me as long as we stay the laughing stock fools of the world”!

Because if you voted for Jed Bush, Charlie Crist, or this new guy we must also call governor?

You/we are to blame, because we voted in this person or persons responsible for hiring the greedy selfish ‘people’ now stealing our water and selling it on the Black Market to the highest bidder!

So, do not come crying when you cannot find your water!


Not one of these selfish people now live in your most effected water use area!

So they do not care about you and when the water runs out they along with the water companies will move back to California or another state to drain it dry!

Now this is stupid in its fineness.

Because you do not care?

I have been posting and writing on websites, letters to the editor, writing to the TV
stations about this misuse of our water and am getting just a little upset with
my neighbors. They gave the land away to the bottling companies, are giving the
away the water and now turned on we the Floridians with fines if they think
that we use too much water and still silence from the public?

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