Fertilizer lobbyists fight to keep fertilizing lawns

Need a reason why government and political leaders are fighting the new stronger ban on fertilizer?

Koch Fertilizer, LLC

Fertilizer lobbyist want to sue Indian river county because of the strong fertilizer ordinance.


there are 89 fertilizers companies in Florida alone.

Florida Fertilizers Companies

Manta has 89 results under Fertilizers Companies in Florida


Guess who is behind those lobbyist?

Public pressure pushed commission to adopt stronger fertilizer ordinance


INDIAN RIVER COUNTY — Continued public pressure and persistent lobbying by environmentalists paid off last week when the County Commission reversed an earlier vote and passed a strong fertilizer ordinance to help prevent poisonous lawn chemicals from polluting the Indian River Lagoon.

“I spoke to a number of residents after the earlier meeting,” says Commission Chairman Joe Flescher, who cast the deciding vote to approve a rainy-season fertilizer ban, which scientists say is the most important part of the ordinance.

“I realized that concern about the lagoon is at an extreme high level. It has gone beyond orange to red alert.”

Need a reason why government and political leaders are fighting the new stronger ban on fertilizer?

Koch Fertilizer, LLC, and its subsidiaries are collectively one of the world’s largest producers and marketers of fertilizers.

The company owns or has interests in fertilizer plants in the United States, Canada, and Trinidad and Tobago.

Its distribution network covers global demand through state-of-the-art terminals in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, France and the United Kingdom.


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 Fouling Florida’s environment


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