Crime does not take a holiday

I know that I am not the sharpest take in the pack, DUH!

However, even I know how to slow down many of these criminals holding up banks,

gas stations, motels, hotels, fast food places and such.


It is called Bullet Proof Glass!

Because of the NRA, Lobbyists, Greedy Politicians, Lazy Thieves and Lazy Public,

Crime will always pay better then a job for the Slime out looking for fast money!

It is called

GET THE GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At all cost get the weapons off the streets!

The Dirt Bag Criminals are holding up unarmed older people or women

in these places because they know that they can.


Because the dirt cheap owners of these places will

not take care of them with a little security.


As long as they have insurance to replace what was stolen, workers are ‘acceptable loses’!

The government needs to force insurance companies to drop or quadruple

the cost of their coverage if they do not help protect the property!

Banks, for instance need to come to my bank in central Florida?

You cannot do this in many business but it works at banks,


You cannot get into this bank day or night without standing in the hall

to make sure that you have no weapon and then be buzzed in.

You cannot get back out of the bank again until

someone buzzes you out through the outside door,

so anyone with a weapon can be trapped in this hall

until police arrive.


However, even they need Bullet Proof Glass to protect the cashiers just in case?

A PA System to speak to the customer and a sliding draw for the transaction.

Bullet Proof Glass Wall across the front desk at hotels, motels and Inns

and the same wall protecting fast food and gas station attendance?


This cost a little more money and is not as personal as it is today.

However, over the years the savings will pay for it ,

plus your customers will be pleased

not to lose everything they have on them just to eat

a hot dog or Hamburg, or pay for gas and so on?


If its good enough to help protect my president it is good enough to help protect me?



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