Get the Receipts, maybe you can Return some

Father Time

As you already know I love the Mouse, sometimes.

This is a good reason why one should think carefully while choosing you idols.

Stick with your true hero, in my case Kiehtan (Creator).

Today’s word from the mouse.

“Get the Receipts, maybe you can Return some”.

Baby New Year

Maybe at the end of this year we should ask Father Time?

Before we compare apples and oranges I wish to explain why I keep going with my comparing of our president and the weak arguments brought on by Democrat haters.

Months before the disaster of the family reunion I made a promise to my ‘Dear One‘, no matter what her relatives write on their or my Facebook wall, until after the Family Reunion I will not response with like same!

I did not.

I did however sometime respond with questions hoping it would bring on a wakeup call, never did and now I understand why.

I am not very good in Not Responding so it was hard but, a promise is a promise!

Reminding you some states are  loaded with bigot, races, democrat haters and will never change?

I have since cleaned up by friends list!

My ‘Dear One’ has since found another side of her long lost family  and for the most part they are loving, caring, relatives, what more can one ask for?

I can understand why the 5 to 10% wealthy in this country hate the democrats.

The only group keeping them from total rule, absolute monarchy (monarchy that is not limited or restrained by laws or a constitution)!

I cannot figure why the common working class would hate the one of only of the two political parties that are 100% working for the good of these same working class people?

I could not understand why a northern state is a races state or why anyone will get their kicks at being a bigot, until now!

OK Apples and Oranges

You be the judge?

Someone that completely destroyed the working class and the only law on their side to help fight the absolute monarchy, destroyed the unions instead of cleaning them up!

Would you, if you had a choice, we did not, between two unnecessary wars.

Going from a very large surplus to an even larger deficit in just a few years


someone that took on the extremely rich knowing that it would be a never ending battle with these same rich.

Because we the people need to have healthcare at least as good as any 3rd world country?

He is also blamed for the Sequester?

No Immigration Reform?

The Government shut Down?

No Gun Control?


So he now has a drop in the polls?

By the way, at no time has anyone ever invited me in on one of these polls, who is taking them all?

Last but not least the highest court in the land has said that we need the NSA to help keep the bad guys out of our country!

My only question would have to be,

“How many pieces of coal should I hand out and to whom”?

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