We are heading back to before the 1920’s

I had an interesting question in my tracker this morning and as you all know

I answer all questions however, this one will sit for a time until I can answer without looking like a snob?

What is the difference between Religion and Spirituality?

Sorry City of South China Maine


I will get back to you, promise.

We are heading back to before the 1920’s

  The exclusive 5% are smiling.

Because this is just what they have wanted since the start of UNIONS!

Back before the unionization of the public!

Two classes

The Well to do rich.


Everyone else now known as their slave workers, just like the old day’s?

Not one of us is still around to remember life back then, except

‘We’, the history buffs and every person in this country in the 5 or more percent so called upper class bracket.

Bill Gates has the right idea.

However, reaching for straws did not stop the Titanic from sinking!


Mr. and Mrs. Gates give back and have been for many years now.

They do not have to but they do!

They are just one of so few of the 5% that do?

The rest just keep on taking!

(Like to see them spend a little more time with the poor in this country also)?

Today’s Quote

As we look ahead into the next century,

leaders will be those who empower others.

~ Bill Gates ~

Leaders will be those who empower others!

Thank you my friend ‘Soul Gatherings’ from WordPress.


Lets first talk sleeping in the streets once again?



Unemployment benefits not extended?

If this so called Upper Class would take just 0.1% of their yearly take and put it into creating jobs

(another posting as to a way of going this)

those new companies would put to rest outsourcing and create so many job that the economy would flourish

and the upper class would be paid back tenfold!

No more need for unemployment checks or sleeping in the streets.

However, no slave labor either?

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