Disabled Placards and Plates


This is a well needed update to a past posting about helping the handicapped in our state.

I should have remembered while writing that posting that this is Florida, from a quote I have heard for some dozen years now that made no sense, until now!

“This is Florida you know”!

It is now plain to see that this person, with I am sure good intentions, had no glue about the workings of this stagnated state and our politicians!

My past posting

Welcome Florida to this Century


Florida, the state where politicians(Marco Rubio) still think of their/our Women, Native Americans and African Americans as second rate citizens, hence our Florida government has not passed the ERA, hates our president and thinks that native Americans should just

“get over it”!

Having your picture on your handicapped placards and the words handicapped on your drivers license is a great idea because then true handicapped people will finely get to use the spots instead of so many crooked people that park because they are lazy!

Disabled Placards and Plates – Florida Department of Motor Vehicles


Florida is changing their Disabled Placards however, far too slow and years too late.

This state has hundreds of thousands of selfish, inconsiderate crooked people that steal Handy Cap parking spaces with someone else’s Disabled Placard.

As I wrote about in an earlier posting,

Welcome home my brother?


The new cards will look like this one on a South Carolina place card.


I like this photo so thank you



However, seeing is believing?

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