The stink of this Super Bowl


The stink of this Super Bowl

I am no judge!

I just think that a case cannot be judged unless it gets to court to be judged?

So many of our American special games are now getting a stain mark on them lately?

I believe that it is time to stop and take notes?

When should a GAME become so important that everything/everyone else gets swept under the rug?

This  and many other year’s there is such a stain/stink on the Super Bowl that, I for one, will not watch it, how about you?

I am not judging an incident case of rape or consent.

I just believe that the reason why so many of our young men and women are serving our country

and being wounded, dramatized or killed,

so that all in this country, man, woman, boy or girl must get a fair day in court?

Every bad/good guy or girl in this free country deserves a day in court?

Everyone except a young cheer leader of a popular university!

When a person, a team, a university, a city police department, a state police department, a city, a state, and the court of law

squashes a defenseless young girl just to win a football game,

I will not help slap her across the face by watching the GAME!

This country preaches that everyone is innocent until proven guilty,

this must include both parties, not just a prima donna sports player?

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