Let’s get government out of our gas tank

Good idea
Everyone wants something?
Let’s get government out of our gas tank.


Good idea.
Let get the ethanol out of our gas tank.
Good idea.
Lets get the biofuel out of our gas tank.
Good idea.
I have a better idea?
Let’s get the gasoline and diesel fuel out of our gas tanks?

Any time that you are using biofuels like wheat, rice, corn and so on you are taking food away.
If you take gasoline away, you are saving things like your money, your health, your environment

and the land from diggers and fracking!
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has proposed reducing the amount of ethanol

and other biofuels that must be mixed into the nation’s fuel supply.

Fuel blenders would be required to use 15.21 billion gallons of biofuel in 2014, down from 16.55 billion gallons last year.

That’s a good sign that the EPA finally recognizes the federal mandate for ethanol is creating economic distortions.

But the mandate should be cut much more significantly, with the ultimate goal that it be eliminated.

the sun
The sun takes away nothing and gives us light, food, heat, health comfort and power.

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