McCain blames Obama for Iraq

I agree

The Fifth Column

Sen. John McCain’s outrageous claim that the current president of the United States is responsible for the problems in Iraq is wholly and completely irrational.   His statement is supporting evidence to my theory that every politician should get tested for senility after age 70.  Just sayin’…

Daily Kos

Welcome to John McCain’s world, the world in which the U.S. won a tremendous victory in the Iraq War, only to see that victory thrown out the window by none other than the guy who beat him in 2008:

Rising bloodshed in Iraq has Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) convinced that failure of the American military effort there now falls on President Obama’s shoulders.McCain went on Fox News on Tuesday morning to once again blast Obama for withdrawing U.S. forces from Iraq and ending U.S. involvement in the unpopular war.

“Could I just say, we could have left a residual force…

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