Zero Energy Home Glows Green


Zero Energy Home Glows Green When it’s Good for the Planet

This zero energy home advertises to the neighbors when it is creating more energy than it is using.



Energy efficient (LED of course) lights under the house glow eco-virtuous green when it is producing more than enough energy for its needs.

when it’s using more energy than it is making its light turns red.

This house is really setting a whole new standard in devising new ways of keeping up with the Joneses.

It’s not so hard to make your home an energy producer rather than an energy consumer.


Solar on the roof, geothermal heat exchange in the ground, super insulation in all the walls and low emissivity glass windows.

The south-facing side of the roof is almost half solar panels.

The roof hosts an array of panels that are perfectly tilted for this region’s sun.

Ground temperature remains always an even 55 degrees or so, regardless of surface temperatures;

whether it is an icy 20 below or whether it’s lemonade weather – 110 in the shade.

So simply passing pipes through the house and down in the ground can cool a summer house and get the warming of a winter house begun.

If you are starting with 55 degrees F it is not nearly as much work to heat a home to 70 degrees F — than if you are starting from 20 below zero!

Geothermal ground heat exchanges are a green option for moving liquids through radiant floors and radiators at the sides of rooms.

This zero house in Maine needs no furnace —so it does not use a forced air system; and that is healthier because the air is fresh and cool, but your feet are warm on the radiant floor.

Glass can also be a heat loser, so this home uses low-emissivity glass, that does not let the heat escape in winter, and does not let the summer heat in either.

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