Niagara pumping request delayed a month

Decision delayed on Niagara’s call to double draw?

Come on guys,

it didn’t take this long to slip in and build that crooked plant!

It has been from September to February just to make your decision?

According to Dantzler, Niagara is required under Florida law to establish that the proposed use of water is a reasonable and beneficial use; will not interfere with any presently legal use of water; and is consistent the public interest. He said the request fails on the two latter points.

“The simple truth is that those of us living in Central Florida will need this water for our own use at some point in the future,” he said in his letter on law firm stationary. “With all due respect to Niagara — a legitimate and legal business concern — it is not in the public interest to allow water that we will need for our own use to likely be transported across state lines for the use of others, especially with no severance tax or royalty collected.”

In other words a political maneuver to stall once again until we, the public, turn our backs for a moment, just enough time to slip it past us and into their pocketbooks?

I mean?

No, I do mean pocketbooks!

Well let me see, maybe it is not the pocketbook,

maybe it is just that there is far too much public interest this time around?

Water management officials say they need more time to review Niagara Bottling request to nearly double the amount of water its draws from the Florida Aquifer, so a permit review scheduled for Tuesday has been pushed back to Feb. 11.

The Groveland bottled water company applied to the St. Johns River Water Management District last September to renew and modify its consumptive use permit (CUP). Niagara wants to increase its average daily withdrawal from 484,000 gallons to 910,000 gallons per day.

Water management officials say they need more time to review Niagara Bottling request, What again/

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