Marco Rubio is once again playing as Intelligent

Unfortunately, like any bad actor he is still 52 cards short of a deck!

If you, Mr. junior senator wish to clean up a government, start by spending a little time in your own backyard!

People in glasses should be careful while throwing stones,

one might hit himself over the head once again?

How about starting with the care of our women for a change, (ERA)

Remember the request from the women in your state of Florida asking you for,

while you were in our house of representatives

and being sarcastically slapped aside as trivial?

We do!

Do you still count our women as less than your equal?

Remember ERA stands for Equal Rights Amendment!

When you, junior, pick on our now and our next president, I start opening up my folder on you!

Rubio Says Obama Emboldened Taliban | NR

Reacting to Robert Gates’ new memoirs, the GOP Florida senator criticized the Obama administration

for broadcasting a withdrawal date for Afghanistan, a move he says encouraged the Taliban to “wait us out.”

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