“Vietnam Era”

Vets ask Metz to do away with term ‘Korean Conflict’

House Bill 559:

Do you mean to tell me that while making those 26 trips across the Atlantic with supplies in the 60’s those were real Russian submarines, one on the port, one the starboard that followed us on each trip?

That each time that they would get a little too close for comfort, our captain held General Quarters and started testing our firepower that we could have been a real battle?

The time that, while we were on a Shakedown cruise GITMO.

Those were real bullet hitting the bulkhead.

These scars I have to this day are from real bullet shrapnel?

Darn, I thought that we were only in a little

Vietnam Era?

So where is my plate?

House Bill 559:

Creates a Combat Medical Badge license plate for recipients of that badge.

Changes the term “Korean Conflict”


“Korean War”

in state statures and on authorized license plates.

Changes the term

“Vietnam Era”


“Vietnam War”

in state statues.

Requires that a likeness of the Combat Medical Badge, Korean Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal and Global War of Terrorism Medal be included on the license plates for veterans eligible to receive such plates because of their service.

Establishes sufficient proof of entitlement for veterans to receive a plate with the appropriate badge or medal.


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