Scott ignores No. 2 priority

Yes indeed, this is a small breach of our state constitution by this politician, however it is,

I am sure, only in the middle of a barrage of law breakings, common to this ‘governor’!


Will I ever give up on the pollution in our government!


As you can see I am not all that good at retirement.

After many years up in a northern state battling politicians and working heating/cooling, I

cannot comfortably just close my eyes to either one, as I guess you have seen by now?

Would you really want me too?

If so, just say the word and I will back off.

A Tallahassee lobbyist wants to know what part of a constitutional requirement in Florida,

“there shall be a lieutenant governor”

Gov. Rick Scott doesn’t understand?

It’s a good question.

Lack of lieutenant governor raises constitutional issue

Scott is ignoring a state mandate Article IV Section 2 of the Florida Constitution

I also know that some of my friends might not understand why I seem to be picking on our newest senator either?

This guy has so much garbage coming out of his mouth he sounds like listening to Cookie Monster on Sesame Street!


I can only say, do a little digging in our history, or just watch during the up coming campaigning?

It is now time to put aside our brain washed ideas as to just who will do the best job for ‘we the people’!

We need to vote with our brains not voting a party, a race, a culture or anything else that stands in the way of

a person that has been proven hardworking for the country, state, city and we the people?

Thank you Joanna and Gee for your comments.

It is good to see that other state people are jumping on the band wagon for a better government!


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