A reason for the season

I know by now you are tired of my complaining about Florida’s rich and our politicians?

Maybe this will help you understand a little of where I am coming from?

The middle of Orlando Florida, it is spotted with extremely rich neighborhoods like Winter Park.


As it is with many of our towns and cities.

So where do you think our rich, our sports stars and our politicians live?

Within a stone’s throw of them (these neighborhoods) are two Elementary schools.

Fern Creek Elementary School


Rock Lake Elementary School

Both schools principals are asking for slightly used clothing?

A very short distance from them by highways is the Villages.

The Villages is billed as,

Florida’s Friendliest Retirement Hometown?


If each home gave up just $1.00, no child would go hungry, be cold, or run the streets getting into trouble.

Do they care?

Fern Creek Elementary School Orange Country

Cold weather means many students in need of warm clothing

Rock Lake Elementary School is facing the same situation.


The approaching cold snap has Fern Creek Elementary School Principal Patrick Galatowitsch worried for many of his 350 students.

95% poverty, 20% homeless.

Rock Lake Elementary school principal Lynne Wassatt stated the many children have no home and some that do, the family does not have enough money to pay for electrify for the house?

A little side note that comes back to me each time I read about something like this.

Our car club was setup as a way to give back to the neighborhoods around it.

We were told pointblank , “we came down from up north to party, not to give back”!

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