Birds causing issues for pilots at Sanford Airport


Every airport around the world!

Agreed that this artificial turf will slow down many of the birds eating bug’s/lizard’s on the ground, stop the tortuous from building a home, slow down the deer from looking for food and save wear and tear on the planes however, it will not slow down the alligators or any bird of prey such as the eagles!

Building many towers close to the water for eagle nests and a large fence around the water will!


Every year, birds caused issues for dozens of planes at the Sanford International Airport, so officials are planning to bring in artificial turf in an effort to alleviate the issue.

In 2012, the Federal Aviation Administration spent more than $100,000 on air cannons to scare away the birds.

The artificial turf won’t hold water or food, which is what the birds are often looking for, so the theory is the birds won’t hang around it.

But the turf will serve two purposes, the other keeping gopher tortoises away.

The fake grass will only be on 3 acres on the north side of the airport, but it will cost between $500,000 and $1 million.

Full-time crew at Orlando International Airport works to prevent wildlife-plane collisions. OIA flights have hit birds, deer, alligators, turtles, vultures, egrets, herons, eagles and swallows.

Last year, planes on runways collided with a deer, a skunk, two alligators and two turtles.

Orlando International is one of just a handful of the nation’s biggest artificial turf airports with a full-time wildlife team.

“One of the things we’ve done is take a pro-active stance on making sure that the strikes we have are of minimal consequence,” said the airport’s biologist, Johnny Metcalf. “And there are some things in the environment that if you don’t take care of them, you could have a major problem.”

To keep birds, deer, wild pigs and coyotes away, the wildlife team cuts back the habitat closest to runways. The wax myrtle is a favorite for roosting birds, so it’s constantly trimmed.

Another one of the ways the airport controls birds and other wildlife on this property is by removing fish.

The airport biology staff spends several days per week patrolling the waterways and using a mild electric shock to stun the fish.

When they float up, they’re scooped up, and then relocated to airport lakes farther from runways to draw birds and other creatures away from flight paths.

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