Talking Desalination (Reverse osmosis)


This morning my friends,

Sachem is talking desalination of seawater and who I believe should be the #1 choice

for this ground breaking endeavor throughout the USA!

I say ground breaking in the USA

only because as usual we have fallen far behind many other countries

that have been using this system for years!


In my paper (Voices section) this morning,

Choice Edwards asks a good question.

Bring more focus on the possibilities of desalination of seawater.

Mr. Edwards wrote what I would refer to as the 2nd step before the 1st step?

You already know who I believe, is the biggest user of our water,

thanks in part to our government officials!

Niagara bottled water company is

the largest company in the country and maybe the world.

Niagara bottled water company is an out of state company!

Why not force companies like them to make their bottle water from the sea?

Heaven knows that California could also use the job creations, new taxes, clean drinking water

and a better use of the water from the mountains, like fighting fires?

Every state adjacent to the sea would also benefit from this process?

District should get serious about water conservation

Desalination of seawater

(Reverse osmosis)

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