David’s stone!

Price matching at Wal-Mart can amount to big savings


Not only money in your pockets but if you think about it, this could be David’s stone!

If, for instance, all other stores work together by taking turns using this BOGO pricing method this could be the way to take down Goliath with just a sling and a stone?

Sling – Pricing

Stone – Free


Wal-mart already seems to be fit to be tied, so to speak, because of other companies buy one get one free, how long can Wal-mart keep it up?

Men, as a rule, do not do pricing or coupons so women must start teaching before these offers end, think about it men, what can we buy with the extra money?

Do not go out to buy something that you do not use or need, but if the shoe fits?

The other day our laundry soap was buy one get one free at Wal-Mart’s price, didn’t need it but we will use it and we were at the store anyway! Not that doing away with Wal-Mart is tops on my list of things to do however, one gets a little tired of getting something you learn to like only to find out that soon it will be discontinued, even though it is a terrific selling product? I am also tired of stores need to sell junk, just to keep up with the junk Wal-Mart sells!

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