Kick the Foxes out of the Henhouse

One must first ask before reading more of the comic book government action!

Shouldn’t this Expressway Authority board as well as the debunked St. Johns River Water Management District board by hired by the people of Florida?


Why is this not so?

The Expressway Authority

now is hired by the governor and each mayor from the counties governing the expressway, congress wants to give the governor five appointments, each county one appointment and remove the mayor from Orlando?

So then Mayor Jacobs and Governor Rick Scott will mass rule our tolls in Florida, beginning to smell anything yet?

One questionable board member was removed, one board member was removed and we now question?

An unqualified person was being force hired over at least two qualified people and now this Floridian congress wishes to turn the whole thing over to two questionable government officials?

Now after all this time our new states attorney is saying, Hay what about me? Smelling anything fishy?

This is Florida don’t you know!

Steven L. “Steve” Precourt the person in question, a Republican member of the Florida House of Representatives, representing the 44th District since 2012.

This gives him what qualifications to run the toll of Florida?


Even though he has been in any office for only two years, wouldn’t one be correct in assuming that even he should know that something was not right?

This is Florida don’t you know!

State attorney investigating appointment of Expressway Authority director

Steve Precourt named to be new director in controversial vote!

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