Maybe it is payback time?

Or correctly stated, time to pay back your neighbors, Japan?

If by now you have not learned the lesson, you never will so, time to pay back all of your neighboring countries before World War-3 is necessary!

Lets digress back in time for a few moments?

Back to the time when the Japanese’s imperial government, along with their Nazi twins, tried to bully the world into slavery and whatever else that they had in mind?

Any need for a further explanations ask the hundreds of millions of Chinese abused by this group of butchers?

We all know about the World Wars and the need for neighboring countries sacrifices to end this bullies reign of terror.

We all remember the billions if not trillions of dollars each neighboring country spent after the defeat of those enemies of life?

Germany has rid its self of Nazism and are good honest neighbors, working hard to move from the past.

Not so for the country of Japan!

It would seem that this country is still hell bent on needless killing?

In those olden days they used their enemy as Guinea pigs in horrible experimenting.

Today is would seem that the experimenting is still needlessly going on, only now with innocent sea mammals, is this a front for killing instead of growing food or another way for the Japanese people to say “HEY WORLD BITE ME”?

Is this country so delusional that they believe that they can do whatever they wish and the rest of the world cannot stop them?

Maybe this delusional country thinks that we own them everything because of their wars that they started?

Do we, this world, need their cars?

Petitioning Japanese car and consumer electronic corporations 2

Help Stop Japan’s Killing of Whales and Dolphins Petition by David Tal Topanga, CA

Stop the dolphin and whale killings in Taiji Send To: Prime Minister of Japan

Why Do Japanese Kill Dolphins?

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