Telephone purchases and donations are made on impulse

This might get you putting your pants on backwards

SECO, our utilities company, warns of winter scams.

SECO, as I am sure also your utilities company, wishes to remind you that they do not have other companies associates for any reason for collecting, not heating companies, not collection agencies, or anyone else.

If the utilities wants or needs to contact you, you will know it.

So, I decided to check a little on phone scammers.

The first thing that shocked me was, almost all of your favorite charities got so lazy that they now pay high price pushy, rude, thugs calling themselves Telemarketing companies.

These For-Profit Telemarketing companies keep from 70% to sometimes 100% of your donations!

I now believe that if these charities are so lazy at getting my money, I will from now of be very stingy with my giving them money.

This is why I go personally go to Habit for humanity, Goodwill, and the Salvation Army to donate and maybe so should you?

If a Telemarketing Company calls, hang up, do not try to be polite, because you can bet your socks they have no intention of returning the favor, save yourself and just hang up!

Telemarketing companies representing charities know that people, more often give with their hearts than with their heads.

Phone calls from charities-Charities hiring for-profit professional telemarketers

Telemarketing Company Raises Millions For Charity keeping most of it for themselves

“Telephone purchases and donations are made on impulse.

These are dictated not by reason or logic but by feelings of emotion.

Familiar emotions of fundraising, sympathy, fear, anger, guilt, and so on.

They even let the charities know up front that they’re going to lie to the donors about how much money the charity actually gets (little to none).

“we’re going lie to and browbeat your donors into submission.

They also charged the charity a fee.

I can go on and on and on however, please remember, we must force our favorite charities back to the phones and the media or no donations of our hard-earned money, just keep hanging up the phone!

Thanks to several charity watchdog groups, consumers now have access to reliable and unbiased information regarding charities. Charity Navigator is a New York based non-profit that rates non-profits in a number of key criteria. The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) offers a similar service which rates Christian charities.

Remember that each of theses are also a charity?

10 Charities Overpaying their For-Profit Fundraisers

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