Florida government doing a good thing for the public?

No fooling this is true, of course it took a few persistent members of the public with help from the media to light a fire under them ( the Florida Government) to force them to do the right thing?

However, that never bothered them before, so it is a good thing?

We were going to pay an unqualified Puppet $185,000 to just sit and obey the boards wishes.

Can I qualify for the job?

Two out of three of my dreams came true, now to work on the third one,

(the BIGGIE)!

We must now take what is working with The Port Orange council member and the  Expressway

Authority and use them on the debunked St. Johns River Water Management District Board,

before they can sell off all of our precious water?

 Loophole for the little guy

Port Orange council member wants signs for sex offenders


It worked for the first one so, let it continue until all sex offenders are on their own island somewhere,

anywhere that will keep out women and children safer from them?

This is the sign used in the North Florida city of Perry to identify the home of a registered sexual predator


The Expressway Authority Board lost this one however, we must keep digging first to find out about

the alleged hanky/panky that removed his predecessor and remove any if not all of the dirt?

Precourt walks away from the job he wanted


Kick the Foxes out of the Henhouse


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