If only I was a gambling man!

I would stake my entire life saving on this one!

There is no way.

I repeat.

No Way that the politicians now sitting in congress will ever allow this military training exercise to escape this Federal Governments military cuts!

Just imagine the consequence of that action?

A lot less need for bullets, bombs, missiles to waste on polluting the ground of free countries like the United States.

(Pine Ridge Bombing Range Florida comes to mind)!

There will be little, if not at all, use for any military training with live rounds. Because simulation can do it better and reverse action if necessary to improve the skills.

Like what we can now do with our remotes watching movies, that we might have missed while out raiding the refrigerator while being rudely bombarded with commercials?


Try if you will to back up a bullet or a bomber after a mistake in training?

Our politicians will have to find other reasons to milk billions of our tax dollars into their states for personal reasons.

Heaven forbid!

No more $10,000,00 toilet seats!

US Army PEO STRI (Program Executive Office of Simulation, Training and Instrumentation)




Think about this while reading?

No more poor struggling wild sea life destroyed by our navy’s misuse of sonar or bombing sea targets.

If they would make use of a simulator?

Now if we can only stop oil companies like BP from destroying our seas with inferior equipment

and then cripple the Japanese whaling fleet!



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