Media Biased on Obamacare


Obamacare – (The Affordable Health Case Act).

Way to go Nancy!

Nancy Hurlbert has a tiring, thankless job that she is doing very well  in Central Florida.

I remember this from my past job up north.

An article in today paper seems to back up what I have been saying for 14 years.

This state is bias toward big business and against everything or anyone else!


If you care about small business, the middleclass, the poor,

or the environment you get treated like a 2nd rate citizen,

or in our presidents case, people wanting to hang you!

Not so long ago you might remember the flag ‘big deal’ in all of the media?

A whole lot of hoopla over a flag that, come to find out,

was not a desecration of an American Flag after all!

Did anyone in the media or any military person come back at her with a well advertised apology

after it was pointed out that her flag was, in fact, not an American Flag?

Once any part of the American Flag is replaced,

it is no longer an American flag but a personal flag!

Did any Florida Native American come forward with a fact?


“We have flown our flag throughout Florida and the country for years with no complaint”?

Yes, yours truly did apologies!

Nancy Hurlbert is the Chair of the Lake County Democratic Party

and is supported by a Steering Committee and the Democratic Executive Committee (DEC),

comprised of more than 75 Precinct Committeemen and women (aka Precinct Captains)

Thank you Nancy and the Democratic party for what you do and do 24/7 for the people!






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