Blizzards across the country

I do not wish to make light of what is going on with our neighbors in the northern states, it just brings back some horrible memories.

Remember, I spent some 40 years working in the weather that they now have?

This is the time of the year that makes me also wonder why alternative energy buffs like your truly, have so much trouble reminding people about the energy savings if wind, sun and geothermal power?

If they were being mass used in those states now, let’s check on some past pushing facts?


Blizzards – Great wind for wind generators.

Sun power – great for days when sun is out or moon is shining.


Geothermal- a great place to store unused power like Air, Freon, Water or Environmentally safe fluids?


Towers could be placed in a bird safe distance out in water using water for a storage compartment.

Salt water for states along the sea, below ground everywhere else?


Solar/Wind/Geothermal electric under roads, driveways and sidewalks to help melt ice and snow!

Commuter trains, Subway systems and Trolleys powered by this same type of system?


Heavy snow across the country is bringing widespread disruption to commuters making their way home for the weekend.

However, in the summer times the system is put in reverse and we now can cool our buildings?

Yes, setting up this type of system cost.

Check your media reports, governments, Countries, Federal, State, Cities and Towns are talking up grading their power grid?

There is no better time to dump the old Dinosaurs?

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