Boeing/Acceptable loses

It would seem that Boeing is in competition with our car companies for 1st place?

The Boeing logo is seen at their headquarters in Chicago

1st place as in who can do the most damage to equipment and people before being shut down?

Dog tested dog approver commercial

The FAA must be being forced by someone to do the right thing——within 6 years?

Personally I will not be getting into a plane, unless it is a guarantee that I can keep at least one foot on the ground?

However, being attacked by a plane engine or a complete 767 while sitting at the table working on a posting is un-acceptable!


A Pylon helps keep the engine on the wing, the Tail Section helps keep the plane off of my house?


According to our FAA this is not all that serious because the Pylon has been discovered cracking since 2005 and the 767 problem does not seem to be such a big deal because it was only blamed for one crash?


Boeing 767 Safety Checks Ordered by FAA

Potential for Jammed Mechanism Could Cause Loss of Pilot Control

U.S. regulators are set to order safety checks of more than 400 Boeing Co. 767 jets, citing hazards from movable tail sections that can jam and might cause some pilots to lose control of the aircraft.

The Federal Aviation Administration’s directive calls for enhanced inspections of horizontal flight-control surfaces called elevators and, in some cases, modification and replacement of fasteners and other parts used to control them

U.S. aviation regulators plan to order safety checks of more than 400 Boeing Co (BA.N) 767 jets because of movable tail sections that may jam and possibly cause some pilots to lose control of the aircraft, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal on Sunday.

An order by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), set for publication in Monday’s Federal register, calls for beefed up inspections of a flight control mechanism, known as an “elevator,” which helps planes climb and descend, the business daily reported.

Spokespeople for Boeing and the FAA could not be immediately reached for comment outside regular U.S. business hours.

Elevators that do not work properly have not been identified as causing a 767 accident, the Journal reported. The FAA first became aware of the problem in 2000, when it ordered enhanced checks to find problems. The inspections at that time were viewed as a temporary response. Boeing eventually designed a permanent fix, which the FAA order will direct airlines to make, according the Journal.

The mandate takes effect in March and requires U.S. airlines to replace suspicious parts within six years, according to the Journal.


FAA Orders Inspections for Boeing 767 Pylons

The FAA is ordering U.S. operators of 138 Boeing 767 airplanes to reduce the initial pylon inspection time mandated in a September 22, 2005 Airworthiness Directive from 10,000 to 8,000 total flights. This inspection must be done within 400 flights after the most recent inspection required by the 2005 directive, or within 90 days, whichever occurs later.

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