How to know election time is coming?

Is there anyone not living in fantasy land, that does not know when a politician is pulling our lag?

Can you believe how stupid our governor still believes we the people to be?

Did our state hit a 5 billion dollar lottery that we have not heard about?

Anyone, no counting our politicians out of diapers, that knows when a politician is blowing hot air, because one does not need to follow up on hot air.

Lately this person that has spent his entire political career cutting our way to make a living, is now challenging our state congress to spend billions of tax dollars that they do not have and will not ever get, on ‘feel good’ promises that he has absolutely no insertion of carrying out.

He will continue to do so until he gets re-elected or we wake up and dump him!

Rick Scott’s Bogus Economic White Paper Published by Michael Robert Hussey

Gov. Rick Scott has released a faulty white paper on $500 million in tax cuts he wishes to implement.

Scott fails to specify how he will cut taxes.

The white paper reads more like campaign propaganda than a serious academic piece.

No author or economist is listed in the white paper.

Monday, January 27 2014, 07:56 AM EST

Gov. Rick Scott making historic announcement on sales taxes

Posted By: Michele Wright, CBS 12 News

Story By: Ben Becker, CBS 12 News

DELRAY BEACH, Fla.– Happening today, Governor Rick Scott will be in Miami and in Delray Beach at S.D. Spady Elementary School for what his aides are calling an “historic” education announcement. The Governor will arrive at 10:00am Monday morning to make a so-called “historic” education budget announcement. Scott has recently touted education funding increases and is expected to showcase his “school spending plan” with an eye toward his re-election campaign. Scott did a major about-face In December 2011, and called for a $1 billion dollar boost to education..although that did not fully cover the previous cut he signed off on. One of Scott’s victories in the most recent session was persuading lawmakers to agree to his plan for $480 million dollars in teacher raises. Scott will unveil his full budget proposal on Wednesday.


Governor Rick Scott proposes a 100 million dollar reduction sales tax cut on commercial vehicles

Past proposes, without any plan in place showing how he gets to pay for any of this garbage announcements.

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