The Secret Muslim BS

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I got this little piece in a tweet the other day…..personally I think it is moronic….but no more moronic that the other side of the equation…….

There is not a whole more that needs to be said…….this may seem a bit contrite….but No more so the the crap that the extremists want you to believe……Obama has many issues that I take exception with….but the lies that are spread are just pushing the limits of the 1st amendment……but to some that is okay….can say whatever they want and the same is not allowed by the ‘opposition’………

Before someone gets all pouty…..this is NO different than the made up slogans that are all too present on the blogosphere…….if you dislike these then you should dislike ALL made up crap…..tht is too much to ask… see they are right and the rest of the political world is wrong…..and that sports fans is what…

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