This is our governor?


I pray that this never happens to you my friends!

This is our governor?

What the heck were we thinking?


Decision not to expand Medicaid could cost Florida businesses $253 million

Gov. Rick Scott confirms: No Medicaid expansion for Florida

July 2, 2012 – 8:54am

News Service of Florida

TALLAHASSEE — Florida will opt out of spending about $2 billion more to expand Medicaid, and won’t build insurance exchanges, another optional part of the federal health care law, Gov. Rick Scott’s office said Sunday

The decision by state lawmakers not to expand Medicaid could cost Florida businesses as much as $253 million a year in tax penalties, according to a new report released Wednesday.

Companies with 50 or more employees face Internal Revenue Service penalties if workers get subsidized health insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

But they don’t face a tax penalty if workers get subsidized coverage through Medicaid.

A new report by Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc. estimates 214,000 Floridians between the ages of 18 and 64-years-old are uninsured and working full-time.

Of those, about 84,000 work for large companies offering health coverage, but workers likely can’t afford it and could seek coverage and get tax credits in the exchange.

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