Threatening one’s life is against the law!

As my friends must know by now I have spent time in the turkey shoot you call “the Media reporting”!

It is frustrating to say the least however, as any person should know, especially any politician.

If you step up to a reporter’s mike, no matter how busy you are, you are fair game and that reporter can ask you any question that comes to mind.

You of course have the right to refuse to answer.

I, as I am sure any normal person knows, the media is geared for action,

“If it bleeds, It leads”

type of reporting.

So, I try to answer all questions after thinking on how will it be twister around for show.

How short can I make my answers and still answer the question?

Knowing full well that when it gets back to the cutting table,

facts will lose out to hype.

Even I cannot believe some of my facial expressions in the paper or on TV and how well my word were turned around!

So, one with Mr. Grimm’s experience should know this and instead of looking for a place to bash our president on TV.

He should have just walked away to whatever his, so-called, pressing business was?

No matter how angry one gets threatening one’s life is against the law!

The use of filthy language in the media is also against the law!

Rep. Michael Grimm clashes with reporter

The Fifth Column posted an article about this character earlier this month.

The word “thug” is very appropriate for this character.

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