Two quick and easy ways to kick SeaWorld while it’s down

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Since the release of the film Blackfish, it seems like most people these days can’t think about SeaWorld without also thinking about the sad lives of the lonely animals it imprisons.

Did you know that in the wild, orcas swim up to 100 miles a day? At SeaWorld, they live in tiny tanks with hardly any room to swim around, which causes them to be stressed, bored, and depressed, like this one is:

Repetitive, harmful behavior is pretty common at SeaWorld, too, like what this orca, who banged his head on a landing platform, did to himself:

The constant stress of confinement causes unusual behavior that likely wouldn’t happen to orcas in the wild, like vomiting. 😦

Aren’t you tired of seeing SeaWorld get away with using and abusing orcas and other marine animals for “entertainment”?

You can help put an end to SeaWorld’s cruelty right now by completing…

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