Without a massive tax increase if you can?

Must be an election year for our governor?

William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Therein lies the rub!

Last election he spent his own money to buy the election.

Republican Rick Scott gave his campaign another

$11.6 million in the final 12 days,

bringing his total personal spending to more than

$73 million

and making this far and away the most expensive governor’s race in history.

This time around he is using our tax money!

Fla. Gov. proposes

$74 billion budget for 2014

Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who came into office four years ago vowing to cut taxes and spending, on Wednesday proposed an election-year budget that called for just about more of everything.

Scott recommended a nearly $74.2 billion budget that includes more money for schools, a boost in spending on environmental programs and child protection, while at the same time holding the line on college tuition increases.

The Republican governor also set aside nearly $600 million for tax cuts, many of which were aimed at consumers instead of the big ones for businesses that Scott had previously touted to stimulate the economy.

Boy he sure could use that President Obama’s Federal money now, couldn’t he?

You remember, the money that he keeps refusing because it will help this state get back on it’s feet!


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