Beyond the valley of the Trickster

This country is made up of a ‘melting pot’ of people, has always been if you think about it?

Since the beginning of time even the first people of this land are of different tribes!

So, if you have a problem with the people of this country, Leave?

The cruise ship “Voyager of the Seas”

and the

“Royal Caribbean Cruises ship’

Are making trips everyday!

I do not believe that this


deserve any media time any more than the

‘Gestapo of the Nazi race’!

However, the media being what the media is

and knowing that people,

both good people


bad people

will watch,

which makes their rating go sky-high

So that they can pick and choose advertisers!

The only thing that really counts with our sham media is money!

I will once again put this dirt on my blog!

Jeff Deal WFTV News asked The Grand Pooper of the KKK,

“Why do you always wear a hood”?



“Because I am afraid for my job”!

I say

“Wait, if you are the new smoother Klan with no interest of the past,

why would there be any problem at work”?

Then I would have to say,

“something does not compute”?

Something other then this posting


Channel 9’s Jeff Deal interview with the KKK

KKK drops fliers at homes of Hispanic residents in Rockledge

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