culpable negligence

Blue Rhino probe goes to State Attorney
State fire officials have turned over their investigation into the Blue Rhino propane plant explosion in Tavares to the State Attorney’s Office to see if culpable negligence was involved.
The announcement by the State Fire Marshal’s Office on Friday comes one day after the release of its one-page letter that called the July 29, 2013 blast “accidental.”
Having a little trouble getting this one past the public are we?
Please do not probe, survey, investigate, accident or pass the buck on this one into the depth of despair as usual?
Just tell the taxpayers what you want us to hear and end the spending of our hard-earned money until you beat us into submission?

When was the last time “O” Rings were replaced?

Who was checking on the qualifications of all personnel involved with loading, un-loading, hooking up, and removal of tanks at the plant?
Now you have a place to start?
53,000 propane tanks burning all at once should tell you something?
culpable negligence – (law)
recklessly acting without reasonable caution and putting another person at risk of injury or death (or failing to do something with the same consequences)
criminal negligence
negligence, non-performance, carelessness, neglect –
failure to act with the prudence that a reasonable person would exercise under the same circumstances
law, jurisprudence –
the collection of rules imposed by authority; “civilization presupposes respect for the law”; “the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order”

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