Another defender of our Florida water

Thank you Mac Selvidge for your informative letter in the Voices today.

Something seen every day by all Floridians and our visitors, so use to what they are seeing that it almost got by us,

because no one in office would ever print it out in the open for consideration!

Our dried up and forgotten Wet Lands and the endangered species that are being lost in the shuffle, along with the drying up of our

lakes through-out ‘Lake county’ and beyond,

while our politicians are surveying the subject to death!

St. John’s River Water Management Team,

‘Stop giving away our water’!

I also agree with Mr. Selvidge,

send the reporters to me after Mac get finished with them and we can drive around places that I travel almost every day?

Also our readers must be informed that the Wetland that is quickly disappearing is the Beauty of Florida’s past

and should be enjoyed while traveling to and from the attractions?

How can anyone look at that beauty and not be thankful for eyes to see natures gift to us?

Enjoy it while it last because it is in the way of ‘progress and the pocketbook’!



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