2nd hand smoke

What I am writing now is no surprise to anyone not from another world however, what is not also talked about enough is the possibility of ease in quitting and the lie that your mind keeps telling your brain each time that you try to quit, right?

On this I am an expert trust me?

I have a small mind, a small brain and no willpower however, I do have far too much pride and I quit cold turkey in 1986.

It was not much of a problem once I told my mind to Back Off!

I told everyone in the family and I also told all of my work helpers that it was easy to quit, you better believe that each was just waiting for me to slip, in this case pride was a very good thing for my body and my health.

So don’t tell Shechaim that you cannot quit because I do not believe you, quit if for no other reason quit, because your Word Press’s friend need you?

I had to watch over half of my family and friends suffer in the hospital the years of 1985/1986 and tried the patch way of quitting.

Problem being, native people have little to no tolerance to chemicals, so I blistered everywhere I tried to put the patch.

I should say Indigenous because anyone with ancestor on North and South America before first contact have that missing enzyme, everyone. http://sachemspeaks.wordpress.com/2012/06/27/missing-enzyme-gene-in-native-americans/


I dumped the patch then the smoking.

If you smoke please quit?

Children whose parents smoke are more likely to smoke themselves when they get older. Everyone knows smoking is a bad idea.

And by now you’ve probably heard that breathing in someone else’s secondhand smoke is also hazardous to your health.

Secondhand smoke actually contains thousands of chemicals from arsenic and ammonia to hydrogen cyanide, many of which have been proven to be toxic or to cause cancer (called carcinogens).

High concentrations of many of these chemicals are found in secondhand smoke.

In fact, secondhand smoke significantly increases a person’s risk for:

respiratory infections (like bronchitis and pneumonia) asthma

(secondhand smoke is a risk factor for the development of asthma and can trigger attacks in those who already have it)

coughing, sore throats, sniffling, and sneezing cancer heart disease.


CVS stores to stop selling tobacco

Not just because they know that the hammer will soon be coming down on all pharmacy.

But because it is the right thing to do, especially companies claiming to be for health companies?


Even kids who don’t have asthma are at risk of problems if their parents smoke. These kids are more likely to get upper respiratory infections, middle ear infections, and even pneumonia.

Just being exposed to smoke from 10 cigarettes per day may put kids at risk of developing asthma, even if they’ve never had any breathing problems before.
Cigarette smoke can also get absorbed into upholstery, clothing, and carpeting, leaving carcinogens that can’t be washed away with soap and water.

Kids who touch, mouth, play on, or breathe near contaminated surfaces may develop breathing problems due to this kind of “third hand” smoke.
And here’s the best reason of all to quit smoking: Children whose parents smoke are more likely to smoke themselves when they get older.


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