Hospital to Hospital

Florida Hospital breaks ground on $210 million women’s hospital
Officials move dirt Jan. 9 2014 on what will eventually be a $210 million, 12-story tower dedicated women’s service lines at the Orlando campus.
Eventually, the tower will have 400,000-square-feet of space and 332 beds. The first phase, which will open in 2015, will be seven stories tall and cost $165 million.
Why is this news worthy today to me you might ask?
This hospital started cementing the massive floor over this weekend, the job will be, not might be, will be completed in 2015!
Because it is not a government job!
Gainesville VA did this tower type of work not so long ago with many defects, cost over runs and a lot of unquestionable spent money.
Take a shower one must use many towels to block water from running out into the rooms?
Because it was a government job!
Our V A is building a joke in Orlando Florida that may or may not be completed in my life time.
Because it is a government job!
Why is this news worthy you might ask?
The groundbreaking for the new Orlando VA Medical Center located at Lake Nona was Friday, Oct. 24. 2008!
Delayed VA Hospital nears completion
The opening of the VA Medical Center at Lake Nona has been pushed back to 2015.

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