Restore voting rights to ex-inmates

Eric Holder, attorney general of the United States, speaks at a reception earlier this month in Washington. At a conference Feb. 11 at Georgetown Law School, Mr. Holder called for the reinstatement of ex-felons’ voting rights upon their release from prison.

Surprise, surprise, surprise.

 The states that still restrict a felons voting rights after prison and either probation or parole are, Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wyoming.

I would have guessed , in fact I did guess that all of them are republican held states.

Care to guess why?

90% of their prisoners are of an indigenous background and therefore tend to vote democratic because their state is controlled by republicans.

I was wrong!

What’s up with Virginia?


Alabama, (R)-(R)Governor (R)

Arizona, (R)-(R) Governor(R)

Florida, (R)-(D) Governor (R)

Iowa, (R)-(D) Governor(R)

Kentucky, (R)-(R)Governor(D)








Alabama Governor (R)

Arizona Governor(R)

Florida Governor (R)

Iowa Governor(R)

Kentucky Governor(D)

Mississippi Governor(R)

Nebraska Governor(R)


Tennessee Governor(R)

Virginia Governor(D)

Wyoming Governor(R)


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