Rubio, Scott urge sanctions against Venezuela


As I just posted earlier today, Mr. President Stand Down

For two people who hate their president so much one would wonder why they would not be wanting a chance to do the right thing, get the brownie points, instead of just telling a group of people hurting for their loved ones that it is our presidents fault because congress and our governors could care less, they just want something to cling to before the next election!

I care very much for Ukraine and Venezuela that is not the point, the point is that it is time for our politicians to stop the child’s play and do their jobs and it is also time for the world to come together helping each other instead of passing the buck over to our country and just sit and watch?

Senator Rubio and Governor Scott, STAND DOWN!

If it is not smart to get involved with Ukraine’s problems without their neighbors chipping in to help why should it be solely our job to get involved with Venezuelan problems without their neighbors chipping in?

There are 15 countries in South America, what Marco Rubio and Rich Scott realistically must be doing is getting in touch with the neighbor countries to help their neighbor and then this country can help as much as they do?

Again, we are not the Police of the World?

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio and Florida Gov. Rick Scott told a crowd of Venezuelans in Miami on Friday they are urging the U.S. government to instate sanctions against the South American country where nationwide protests against President Nicolas Maduro have turned deadly.

Rubio has introduced a resolution in the Senate calling for visa bans and asset freezes against Venezuelan leaders involved in human rights violations against protesters. Scott has sent a letter to President Barack Obama calling for similar sanctions revoking the U.S. visa of anyone involved in the attacks

“President Obama doesn’t need a resolution to do that,” Rubio told more than hundred people gathered, many dressed in the blue, red and yellow colors of the Venezuelan flag at El Arepazo 2, a popular gathering spot for the expat community in Miami. “He can do it today.”

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