Media needs to get it right at least once in a while!


The reason why people shoot first and ask questions too late has a lot to do with the half truth bombardment of lazy reporting and it is about time government cleaned them up.

We need stronger license testing before we put some of them in front of a camera!

Take this following statement for example?

Fact, the person in this posting was taking her dogs for a walk in known bear habitat and came around the corner, startled the mother bear and at the same time the dogs tried to get at the bear cubs, mother bear came to the rescue and so did the owner and they met in the middle.

If this mother bear had wanted she could have end the life of the dogs and the foolish owner, did she?

No, she did just enough to end the battle and took her babies out of danger.

Could the media ever write something like this I wonder?

NOT, because

“if it bleeds it leads”

and good bears do not make for a good story!

Bottom line, two innocent bears are dead and mother and cubs are in holding for the smoke to clear so that she can be killed!

What is going to happen to the cause of the battle in the first place?

She will live to do it again.

Now the state wants to sell the only land left for the bears to the highest bidder, who will get the money?

Residents rally to protect bears by opposing land sale

Residents in Central Florida’s “bear country,” where a black bear with cubs mauled a woman earlier this month, are fighting a state plan to sell off 27 acres of conservation land on the edge of the Wekiwa Springs State Park, a few miles from the site of the attack.

“You’re just putting more and more pressure on the bears,” said Randall Turner, who organized “Speak Up Wekiva,” a group opposed to the proposed sale. “We’re moving into their area then we complain when they get into our garbage, damage our property and attack our pets.”

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