Follow up on a billionaire and shame

He said, and it was true, just like all builders in the United States of America in a statements.
“I plan on this project bringing in hundreds of jobs”, what he failed to explain was the fact that he farmed out the jobs, the jobs all went out to people in surrounding countries.
The XL Keystone pipeline will hire hundreds of workers (Canadian workers).
Fracking- on, under and around your property with mean jobs, only the jobs are already filled by workers from the state of the fracking company.
I would also point out that now that the government got the “You’ve Been Trumped”!
Maybe they should add hundreds more Wind Generators, power all of Scotland and at the same time hold the Donald to his word?
Get Lost!
Come to think about it why not build hundred’s of Wind Generators in our oceans and enjoy free power?
Tell the oil & gas companies to ‘Get Lost”!
Enjoy, if you can?


XL Keystone pipeline


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