Snow you he will?

Our governors new ad

Snow you he will?


Yes, I am going to write about another of our government officials and will do so until we grow up as a state and elect officials that truly care!


Have you seen the Florida governor’s Newest Old Ad?

I say newest old, because we where constantly inundated with this ad for over a year sometimes 10 times a day everyday about 3 1/2 years ago!


I have, believe me, I have and will see it for hours, days and months from now until the election, just as he did for a year before he

‘bought that election’

over all of those republicans and democrats far better suited to serve the Floridians,


I also say ‘serve’ because he has been taking away from until now and only half heartedly started trying to serve for this half-year, thanks to a real good ad writer!


Fool me once shame of you, fool me twice, shame on me!


Gov. Rick Scott launches $2.2 million statewide ad buy and has book on way

Gov. Rick Scott will use a new statewide TV ad buy to soften his personal image with voters as he also collaborates on an upbeat book about people who chased their dreams in Florida.

Starting Thursday, Scott’s face returns to TV screens as his re-election campaign spends $2.2 million on a TV ad that appears designed to humanize him. He’s dressed in a casual shirt and is photographed from a side angle discussing his impoverished childhood.

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